Much of the following is being rendered obsolete by the release of OMG!

However, the version below is still functional for 2016

this is main repository where you can build the mobile app for Phonegap and couchbase lite.

this is where you can download the server architecture.

As creative partners in open source architecture, in the greater commons of human society, we can restructure our reality.  Design and efficiency in information systems can give us a foundation for the betterment of humanity as a whole. This architecture supports evolving processes, that transcend our current paradigms.





FWY: New Couchbase Cloud Icons!topic/mobile-couchbase/JRZbjSSDd8s

Thanks to this new contribution by deefactorial to the couchbase-lite-java-core github repo we now have the ability to dynamically update our cloud connection status to our User Interface (UI) threads.

You can test our this ability with our new app available through our Alpha testing program on Google Play accessable through our google group . Join the testing program and Download the app.

Send feature requests and issue reports to our issue tracker on git hub.

happy coding and contribute to the greater commons for the all ; )





peer to peer (p2p) architectures are critical to reliable long term delivery of community currencies, and previous mutual credit currency servers have all operated otherwise, with server-client architecture

the open money app is your own database server for open money transactions

a cloud server provides a mirror/back-up of your personal open money data cloud

the cloud server also resolves name conflicts to ensure all named trading accounts, currencies or spaces are unique

app transactions are thus device-device, without intermediation by any third party

this technical innovation dispenses with much administrative overhead and impediment

up till now, a currency generally required organization, establishment, and then membership - which has characterized the process as one of individual users joining systems that are supposed to exist as things in themselves  

not too many have been attracted to joining what's been available, what's been on the menu

every system - timebank, singular LETSystem, commercial barter operation - is clearly a subset of what normal money can buy,

Clearly there are some benefits, particularly for some users, but generally the overall transaction costs are too high - there's just too much time and trouble involved for the comparatively limited variety.

Particularly there's the social cost - why join with that strange collection of .. whatever they are?   "Not really our sort of people" 

There are so many ways to decide not to join "it", to take part in "that", not be seen as one of "them".   Thus we maintain our self-identity - by exclusions, avoidances and even evasions.

However, now that a currency system can be declared by any user for any purpose, it's no longer about joining something that's trying to be all things to all members

an open money user isn't subscribing to anything in particular, but rather to a general ethic and the multiple possibilities it raises

not about joining anything, becoming a part of some party - rather it is realising the part of the whole that we all ready are


this app is of clear and immediate value to anyone who has any networks, any intent to collaborate, any appetite for co-operation

for others, it may not have much immediate appeal, but that will come in time