Here is a possible outline of some of the possible components of the introduction of a new user, by personal recommendation.  




Hi / hullo / hey <——— >

I thought of you as soon as I heard of this  …. etc < fill in the reasons here >

Sorry, it's an android app only at this point, but if you’re an “undroid” don't despair, a webclient is now available, and apps for other platforms are coming soon.

Take my word, please - this is perfectly harmless, and also highly disruptive -

The block chain protocol was something of a black swan event, rare and exotic.  This is more about black birds in general, common and familiar.

Now we are just working over the most obvious bugs before publishing the app - and so looking for testers, developers




What can we do with this? - anything we can account in mutual credit, in closed loops of virtual measure.    

  • timebanks, childcare nets, car shares, LETSystems, commercial loyalty and b2b systems, covestment change systems, neighbour nets, regional systems, global communities, “intertrading”, reputation and ranking, inventory, personal account records 

See nowofmoney for the general system ideas and doyoucount for more particulars



Situation and Proposition

here, now - just a game space, so - nothing really counts, all play at this point

not at all permanent - database can be reset at any time

also - open money in the wild -  name space is completely open and unmoderated - names unlimited - nobody really in charge - there is no authentication of names used in this space 

in operation, openmoney namespace will record account for “real” users - authentic identities only - but that's still some weeks away

however … good to take a look at what's possible 





time - perhaps 10 minutes?   cost - nil?    risk - change?

  • where? - wherever you are
  • when? - whenever you say
  • how? - by your action, beginning with download



Go to

  • register a user name - you can be as anonymous as you like, this is just a play space

  • User names need 3 or more characters.  Be creative?

  • Set a simple password, or provide a password recovery email (that only you can see)


Guide to use of open money app


You now have a user name (login) account and one initial "trading" account - you have a “name" using the “cc”  - a "common counter" system.

The "cc" system is NOT a real currency, for meaningful transactions.  It is merely and simply a "counting" system used to measure, a way to keep count in a network of transfers between names.  Use them here to count, but they don't count for anything. It's like an abacus, ready to keep track of things.   

Send some "cc" to "mwl" - or someone else who'll send them back - and you'll see how it works.


On settings / manage that you can easily add more names, currencies and spaces, as can other users, in their servers.

On your device, you have a server that maintains a db of your records, encrypted.

Transactions you originate are shared with whoever your counterpart is, on their server, and saved in a cloud mirror of your db, also encrypted.   

That's all she wrote.  But that's plenty, when you think about it - potentially a ubiquitous network of independent servers where each user is the origin and owner of their own data.