It's what we do that counts, so community is action or it's little or nothing. 

You can be one of the first to crowd-change and fully aware of what you are doing, and conscious of the change it will make for you. 


Dominique is a young man with a young family, and he needs income. He has been coding open money servers and clients for over a year, making some money from other paying contracts, but these have recently dried up. He could get a job, but with travel it would take 10 hours a day and greatly reduce his ability to contribute to open money development.   

This would be a great loss.

He is designing and writing code that  

  • provides community currencies in a radically new way
  • begins with the users as individuals, not as a "community" 
  • enables decentralized global p2p networks
  • means more than all cryptocurrencies hashed together

The product

  • will be deployed globally to address the causes and consequences of poverty
  • can install nfc authenticated account access to open money for less then $1 a user
  • introduces many loyalty and such like opportunities for commercial interests 
  • can be applied, and is best initiated, to raise finance for good causes and projects
  • is being launched to finance its own development from alpha/beta to production

The present plan for coming months is for progressive alpha and beta level releases through the Google Play store, with the intent to publish a full release before the end of December.

Dominque and the open money development community are inviting exchange of $5,000 - $10,000 to ensure his ability to contribute most effectively to this project for the rest of this year.

Crowd changers supporting Dominique can choose their change from various forms of open money

  • credit in Comox Valley and Gabriola currencies, and others as they open 
  • credit in Dominique's personal present and future worth
  • credit in the present and future of open money development
  • and other open possibilities  

If you don't yet see how this change touches you, then you are certainly not alone.   For most people, at first, it's not at all clear how something this simple will affect them, their world.  The ideas seem to good to be true, perhaps?   It utterly contradicts "everything we know" about money that we can give some to a good cause - "pay it forward" by change, and make change - and somehow still have as much money in hand.  And indeed, in many ways that count, far better money than we had before.

If you are in this place, perhaps it will help to change simply for others, for the benefit to them that comes of your action.  After all, you only learned to ride a bicycle when you actually got on it.

To apply to make change - for Dominique, for yourself, for many many others - email to michael dot linton at gmail dot com.