It's all about change and this changes everything

the money system needs to change or it will just do what is does, take us all where it's going



pattern matters

commodity money creates patterns of competition, exploitation of people of resources - generates scarcity 

community money (mutual credit networks) create patterns of collabration, co-operation, conviviality - realises abundance



what goes around, comes around

the pattern of movement of "real" goods, services, materials, energy etc is necessarily the reciprocal of the pattern of money flow.  



so address import / export with hard money, and use community money to pay each other for value added within the community.



general patterns of production and consumption have to change

just as no man is an island, we are all connected, so every community can see itself as an island, and as that island become more aware of its import / export relationship with the rest of the world, its composite "footprint".


in this change - size matters greatly, there's immense work to be done.   but only if the change itself has quality.  More business as usual is only more trouble.


At the core of the community way model, there is change.  Money changes hands / hands hold different money  That in itself is change.  Funds flow in different channels, different ends are achieved, the world is changed as we devote $ to better causes 

the change can be substantial - in scale and in type

it realises commitment from business to community, with positive sales consequences.  They can do well doing good, if they do it through community money.

Shop local, really.  

And then there's the personal aspect, the individual user.  Indeed, until someone "buys" the money they aren't "getting" it.  This isn't just a good idea, it's a good thing to do and similarly, if you want to find out how it is rather than just watch, not doing it is not a good idea.  It's much like riding a bike - either you do or you don't, and thinking about it doesn't turn any wheels. 

When someone sees what this is really about - for themselves, for others - there is action, and until then there is not.

Also, change initiated in this way can be applied to finance installation and development

Crowd Changing

not long ago crowdsourcing appeared on the scene

then a few years ago there was crowdfunding, opening channels to participation and support never before accessible.

Now community way methods (covestments) combine the variety and range of crowdfunding with a connecting reward model, with legacy, as the rewards for supporters are community $ they can spend for as much value as the $ they changed.  That's no loss.  And there's further gain in the economy that derives from the circulating community money - people are changing too.

crowd changing is a process that not only creates change for the beneficiaries, putting $ funds to good use - it also changes the crowd that do it.  That's the legacy, it's in the consequent actions that are made possible - crowd changing is a gift that just keeps giving 

did I say legacy?

for a direct and immediate example of this covestment method, see "community"